Public affairs and lobbying

In these uncertain times, having definite plans and options for every conceivable scenario is now more important than ever.

Identifying existing opportunities, but also proactively creating your own are key to your success.

Being aware of the potential risks and threats to your reputation and bottom line are crucial to your business planning.

Understanding the processes, and who the main stakeholders are also enables you to make your arguments at the optimum moment, to the best audience.

Achieving any of this requires a clear strategy and supportive tactics… that’s where we come in.


Advocacy and engagement

  • Building and creating a coalition of influential, willing advocates to advance your arguments.

  • Pinpointing and approaching the people whose awareness, support and interventions are needed to secure your desired objectives.

Counsel and advice

  • Providing discreet, frank, expert advice and being a trusted, loyal critical friend, not a yes-man.

  • Ensuring you are always well-placed to act in the best interests of your business or cause.

  • Helping you to establish and achieve short-term and long-range goals.



Political analysis and intelligence

  • Separating the wheat from the chaff and the salient from the boilerplate in political news and developments.

  • Shedding light for you on what has changed, what you need to know, and how you can act on the new information.