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The Brexit Ministerial team found Stephen’s political strategic communications support incredibly useful for co-ordinating its messaging and forward planning.

I stilI regularly speak with Stephen and recommend his thoughtful, thorough public affairs and political advice at this turbulent juncture in the country’s history. He’s the person you want in the room with you when you are making long-term decisions in these fields or need to swiftly respond to developing scenarios.
— Chief of Staff to Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Stephen brings a wealth of experience from political communications and public affairs which was of great value to the team in Brussels and London.

I value his political insights and his perspective on getting the message across in the media.
— Member of the European Parliament

Stephen’s CCHQ political updates were invaluable during a fast moving and complicated period in UK politics. He’s very well plugged into political networks, in Westminster and more widely.
— Government Minister

Combining sweeping knowledge of the media landscape, sound judgement and sharp focus on the task in hand, Stephen has made a huge and invaluable contribution to multiple national campaigns.
— Special Adviser, HM Government

Stephen was an essential member of the party’s comms team and a real asset for our 2017 general election effort.

His thorough, high quality analysis and sound political judgement is trusted and respected by decision-makers and advisers in government.

Stephen always goes above and beyond in spotting opportunities and risks coming down the track in this complex, uncertain political period.
— Special Adviser to the Prime Minister

I worked closely with Stephen during the general election campaign and I was very pleased to have him on board.

As well as being very responsive and approachable, Stephen works with an enthusiasm and relentless energy to constructively solve problems and overcome obstacles.

In a political environment where many lack direction and forward-thinking abilities, Stephen also thinks very strategically - always looking round corners and ahead into the future for the pitfalls and open goals before they present themselves.
— Special Adviser to the Prime Minister

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